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/01 Challenge

A new brand for a new business model.

The Verdú brand was born as a solution for the evolution of the company "Compostar Project" which, since 2017, offers a solution for the correct disposal of organic waste to individuals and companies.

Our main challenge with the branding work for the spin off was to create a new brand in the segment, bring a name with meaning and clear positioning to communicate with the audiences and not generate confusion in the name transition. Given the context of the segment, it was important to invest in a consistent verbal and visual identity, achieving distinction and notoriety.

All this allied to the company's cause: to address people's environmental footprint on planet Earth.

/02 Solution

A brand with unique details that support the identity and its symbolism.

Supported by concepts and practices of family farming, waste and poison reduction, food quality and practicality, we built a unique and authentic path to create the brand personality. In its name, an affectionate nickname of the word "green" and the colour green, so present in this universe.

This is how the Verdú Orgânicos brand was born, a delivery that takes organic family farming from the countryside to everyone's table. Growing what's good!

/03 Result

We developed a complete branding for the Verdú Orgânicos brand, focusing on sustainability and food quality.

We created a unique and authentic identity, represented by the name "Verdú" and the colour green. We used fruit, vegetable, leaf and spice stamps to create an organic and versatile graphic style, celebrating nature and offering an authentic experience to its customers.

Some results achieved following the launch of the brand and new value proposition:
- 1,102 customers served.
- 16.1k followers on Instagram.
- +113.15% profile views in the month of brand transition.

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