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The Eu Sou Noel (I am Santa) action took the good old man straight from Lapland to live a Christmas in Brazil.

/01 Challenge

To present a Christmas action that would provide a different experience to the customers of Taguatinga Shopping.

Every year, shopping centres run a Christmas campaign, the most important date for business. Our challenge was to create a distinctive action, capable of involving the public on social networks, and that would draw the attention of the media.

/02 Solution

We took the good old man straight from Lapland to live for a Christmas in Brazil.

Christmas actions usually revolve around the humanization of Father Christmas inside a shopping mall. To enhance this humanization concept, we took the character to the world of social networks.

The good old man became a digital influencer throughout the campaign.

/03 Result

With 45 days of campaign, we had more than 600 insertions in the media, 42,000 in-person visits 60,000 involved in the social networks.

- 5k followers in a month and a half on Instagram.
- 12% increase in people flow in the mall compared to the previous year.
- 10% increase in the number of sales compared to the previous Christmas.
- 51% increase in the number of sweepstakes entries compared to the previous year.
- 98% increase in new customer acquisition.
- 42% increase in vouchers and 45% increase in the value of the note exchange.
Earned €200k in spontaneous media, in Globo, SBT, Correio Brasiliense, Jornal de Brasília, Metrópoles and other media outlets in Brazil.

We managed to create a very special action that touched the hearts of customers, tenants, press and opinion makers to celebrate Christmas the way it deserves: with lots of magic, joy, emotion, love and safety. It was an action of national impact that provided the recognition of our @eusounoel and promoted the Christmas of Taguatinga Shopping.

Maíra Garcia

Marketing Director

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