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For any turnaround, insurance is in Bancorbrás.

/01 Challenge

Produce a campaign that would portray personal, home and car insurance in a relaxed way.

Specialized in selling policies, Bancorbrás Corretora de Seguros is a well-known brand and a leader in its segment.

In a market where most companies bet on campaigns with a direct appeal to the product, we used Bancorbrás' tradition and faced the mission of producing a campaign that would portray personal, home and car insurance in a relaxed way.

Since it is an institutional campaign, it was necessary to create a timeless concept that could unfold in the various types of insurance that the company offers. In addition, to generate identification with the public and distinguish itself from the flood of campaigns that treat the benefit of security in a more direct manner.

/02 Solution

For any twist and turn, insurance is at Bancorbrás.

We used the idea of the unpredictability of life as the focal point of our campaign. We brought ordinary situations that seemed to go well but suffered some unexpected misfortune. With this, we translated the idea that, while we don't have a crystal ball to predict the future, it is essential to have insurance.

All this with a touch of humor to make situations lighter and show that it is easier to face all of them when you have insurance marketed by Bancorbrás.

/03 Result

In the first three months of the campaign, the growth in the volume of delivery was vertiginous. We had an increase of 267% in the number of clicks, approximately 300% in the number of people impacted and 19% in the volume of total conversions.

In addition, the cost per interest became proportionally cheaper, with savings of 44% in the cost per click and 50% in the cost per thousand impacts.

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