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/01 Challenge

A brand present behind the scenes of Rio de Janeiro's recent cultural history and now also seeking the spotlight.

Our main challenge with the rebranding work was to renew the identity of an already consolidated company, repositioning the brand as an events producer with creative solutions, strengthening the internal culture and making its projects more attractive.

/02 Solution

From an immersion in the brand, we understood that its greatest strength was its ability to put ideas on their feet.

The strategic path would be to strengthen the ability to deliver and add creative delivery to the discourse.

A genuine purpose was born that works on both creativity and delivery capacity and directs the brand towards a clear positioning: transform good ideas into great achievements.

/03 Result

Inspired by Rio de Janeiro.

We developed a complete branding for the Backstage brand, capturing the essence of Rio de Janeiro in its visual identity. Inspired by Rossio Square, in Lisbon, and the Copacabana pavement, we created a unique symbol that balances dynamism with seriousness. The bright and natural colours reflect the tones of Copacabana beach and the graphics and symbols represent the eyes of the public who appreciate the shows produced by the Backstage.

Our goal is to exceed expectations and transform ideas into great achievements.

I understand that the new brand represents exactly our new perception of the company. The agency helped us create new internal and external values and managed to masterfully synthesize our personality: agile, modern and emotive.

Roberta Kelab


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